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Why Hire A Car Accident Attorney After A Collision?

Car accidents are incredibly common and can cause physical harm to people and damage to property. If you've been involved in an auto collision, you may be wondering if you should contact an attorney. To learn more, check out these three benefits of hiring a car accident attorney after a collision.

1. They Gather the Facts

Your attorney starts by gathering all the facts involving the collision. Some of this information may be provided by you, such as photos of the accident and contact information for witnesses. The attorney will also look for additional facts on their own. For example, if the other driver posts on social media that they caused the accident, that information can be used against them. It's important to know exactly what happened at the time of the accident because settlements largely depend on who is mostly responsible for the accident. In most states, if your lawyer proves the other driver was mostly responsible, you'll get a settlement, but if you were mostly responsible, you get nothing. In addition, the court will reduce your settlement based on how much responsibility you hold.

2. They Communicate With the Insurance Carrier

As soon as the accident is reported, expect a call from the other driver's insurance carrier to offer a settlement. Once you accept this offer, you can't sue for more money. Of course, to save money, insurance carriers often use tactics to scare you into accepting a low settlement. Instead, let your attorney talk with the insurance carrier. Some insurance carriers may not even be willing to negotiate with you, but they do negotiate with attorneys. Plus, attorneys better understand the law to negotiate a fair settlement.

3. They Communicate With Your Doctor

Finally, your attorney will work with your doctor to determine a fair settlement. Your doctor plays a huge role in determining the extent of your injuries. Some injuries heal fast and leave no lasting issues, but other problems require physical therapy or other ongoing treatments. These treatments may need to continue after the settlement, so it's important that you have an accurate estimate of future medical bills, lost income, etc.

You should also hire an attorney if you have pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be physical or emotional. Physical pain and suffering usually includes long-term or permanent conditions like paralysis, numbness, loss of limb, loss of vision, nerve pain, scars, etc. Emotional pain and suffering may include PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

Car collisions can be incredibly dangerous. If you've been injured in a collision, you should consider speaking with an attorney. They will help you get the fair settlement you deserve.

For more info, contact a car accident attorney in your area.