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Denied A Promotion Based On Gender? It’s Time To Collect Documentation

When an employee works hard, they expect to advance in their career. People do not expect to hit glass ceilings set in place based on gender. Unfortunately, for some women, the result of their extra training, education, and initiative is a denial for advancement. What's most important to understand about this type of scenario is that it is discrimination, and it is illegal. If you have faced this type of scenario, creating a trail of documentation is critical. Read More 

3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys come in handy when you find yourself dealing with significant injuries because of someone else's actions. It may have been an auto accident or a defect in a product. Either way, an attorney can get you justice. Just make sure you avoid these mistakes when hiring one of these attorneys. Not Working Out a Flexible Payment Plan Working with a personal injury attorney isn't free. You will have to pay them for their services. Read More 

Important Things To Know And Do When Renting Out Your House

If your house was for sale for months and you could not find a buyer, one option you have is to rent your house out. People will often choose this option when they really need to move but cannot sell their homes. If you are planning on doing this, there are several really important things you will need to know and do, and here are some of those. Understand that You Will Be a Landlord Read More 

Putting It In Writing: Breaking Up A Marriage

The time period after a couple calls it quits and before the final divorce decree is known as a time of transition and changes. This time is not just about the couple living apart – though most do – it's about divorce planning. You can perform a great deal of divorce planning with a separation agreement, so read on to find out more. Separation Agreements As mentioned above, a comprehensive divorce agreement forms the basis for a better divorce process. Read More