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Selling A Home? 4 Instances When An Attorney Can Be Helpful

If you need to sell your house, you may be tempted to save some money by selling on your own. Home sales can be an arduous process for those who have experience, let alone for anyone who has never done it before. If there are any issues with your home that can cause the sale to fail, the process can become even more frustrating. The use of a real estate professional and attorney can be extremely beneficial when it comes to identifying things that can throw a wrench into your home sale.

Your Home Has Major Damage or Needs Renovations

If you are trying to sell a home that is in a state of disrepair, using a real estate attorney can be very helpful when it comes to protecting yourself. You will need to disclose each and every thing that is wrong with the house, no matter how obvious they may seem. If the buyer attempts to get out of a sale due to a problem, your disclosure will help save you. An attorney will know exactly what should be included on your disclosure so that you are not left to figure it out yourself.

You Are Dealing With an Estate

If you are trying to sell a home as an executor of an estate, a real estate attorney is an absolute must. An attorney can help guide you through all of the complexities that come along with selling a home through an estate. They can also facilitate any issues among the beneficiaries of the estate should any arise during the sale.

You Have Financial Problems

If you have some type of lien on your home that you want to sell, that could create additional issues for the sale. While you may be trying to better your financial situation be selling your home, just keep in mind the legalities that come along with a lien. You will greatly benefit from the assistance of an attorney. They will help you through the process of selling your home and ensuring the lien is taken care of so that you can move forward with your finances.

You Are Ending a Marriage

If your home sale is due to a divorce, an attorney is most definitely needed. Unfortunately, when it comes to financial issues, not all divorcing couples can be amicable throughout the process. An attorney can essentially handle the entire process for you so that all you both need to do is sign paperwork. This way, everything will work out and be settled according to your divorce decree.

Selling a home is a major endeavor. If you are set on doing it yourself, be sure to be fully educated on what you can and cannot do. In the long run, an attorney like Mauger & Meter can really help you and even save you money.