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Common Mistakes Parents Can Make During A Custody Battle

If you are going through a custody battle, you might be exhausted from the process. Even with a seasoned divorce attorney in your corner, there might be mistakes that you are making along the way that you aren't even aware of. Here are four common mistakes that parents might make during a custody battle.

1. Being Stubborn

If you refuse to agree to any settlement or custody options that your ex-spouse is bringing to the table, you might force your divorce to have to go to court. Court can be scarring for children, especially if they have to testify. Don't drag your family through the mud just because you are angry and don't want to come to an agreement with your ex-spouse. Seek advice from your divorce attorney on whether a settlement on the table might be more fair than you realize.

2. Getting Hung Up on Visitation Specifics

If you are hoping for sole or primary custody, you might be disheartened if a decision on the table is something that is outside of what you had expected. This might be a more equal distribution of time children will spend with each parent or the division of holidays and summers. If the agreement doesn't suit you because of superficial things like transportation and planning, these are details you might have to ultimately put up with.

3. Not Seeking Counseling

If you are busy and distracted with divorce proceedings, you might not be the most supportive parent that you can be for your kids. Remember that this might be a stressful confusing time for your children. Seek out individual therapy for yourself and also for your kids to help with the emotional toll of divorce. Once your divorce and custody agreements are finalized, it is a good idea to attend some sort of family counseling together as well.

4. Putting Down Your Ex-Spouse

You might not be on the best terms with your ex-spouse, especially if they behaved badly or caused your divorce. This doesn't mean that you should talk poorly about them in front of your kids, or be anything less than professional during your divorce. Stick to the facts and try not to let any anger get in the way. Remember, your ex-spouse will continue to be in your children's life, so don't make things harder for everyone.

Even though divorce proceedings can be a long process, it can be a smoother transition for you and your children by keeping their needs in mind. Be a good example by maintaining composure and getting through custody agreements with a clear head and through the voice of your divorce attorney. For more information about how an attorney can help, check out websites like