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Why Hire A Car Accident Attorney After A Collision?

Car accidents are incredibly common and can cause physical harm to people and damage to property. If you've been involved in an auto collision, you may be wondering if you should contact an attorney. To learn more, check out these three benefits of hiring a car accident attorney after a collision. 1. They Gather the Facts Your attorney starts by gathering all the facts involving the collision. Some of this information may be provided by you, such as photos of the accident and contact information for witnesses. Read More 

3 Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help You Win An Assault Case

Assault can be manifested in various ways. Factors like the methods used to cause injury and whether a weapon was involved determine the kind of assault you may undergo. Some of the most common forms of this attack include physical, verbal, sexual, and psychological. Physical assaults involve striking someone with a fist or object or using weapons such as knives and guns to cause bodily harm. Verbal assaults include name-calling and using threatening language towards another person's well-being. Read More 

Auto Accident Lawyer: 3 Essential Questions You Need To Consider After A Crash

An auto accident can have life-altering impacts on the victims. As you enjoy your road trip or daily commute, a careless mistake from another driver can occur and disrupt your life in many ways. Apart from suffering severe injuries, you'll need to secure treatment, meaning you have unexpected bills to handle. As a crash survivor, you may also struggle with repairing your damaged vehicle, taking time off work, and seeing your doctor. Read More 

How Is Fault Determined In A Winter Car Accident Injury Claim?

Winter driving conditions can be treacherous, and it is up to each driver to adapt to the conditions on the road. After a heavy snowfall, it can take a few days for the roads to be completely cleared, especially sideroads, which means some roads will be more dangerous to drive on than others. For this reason, drivers must drive defensively and slow down, taking more care. If you were involved in a car accident during the winter months and were injured, can you file a personal injury claim against the other driver? Read More 

Rainy Day Driving Problems And Fault

When it rains, it doesn't just pour, it can also cause accidents to happen. Even though many might guess that icy roads are worse than wet ones, it's wet roads, with or without snow or ice, that create the most dangerous conditions for drivers. The reasons for that are explained below, along with how you can know who is to blame after a rainy day accident. The Problem With Wet Roads Read More