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What Should You Do After Being In An Accident With An Uninsured Driver?

When you're hit by an uninsured driver, it disrupts your entire life. Who will be responsible for paying the damage caused to your vehicle along with your medical bills? Auto insurance companies offer underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage on their policies, but you may not carry it. Even if you do, the process of filing an uninsured motorist claim is different from filing a regular claim. Being hit by an uninsured motorist is a stressful situation that often requires the aid of an experienced car accident attorney. Read More 

What Is Considered Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers?

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and looking forward to having a child enhance the family. While you and your spouse may be anxiously waiting for the arrival of a new baby, your employer may not make your work life easy. Discrimination against pregnant women workers happens regularly in many workplaces, but there are laws to help protect you or allow you to gain compensation if it happens to you. Read More 

Worried About Deportation? How To Protect Your Children Should You Be Detained

If you're in this country illegally, new laws regarding illegal immigration put you at risk for deportation. If you have minor children, the new laws put them at risk as well – even if they were born in the United States. Unfortunately, if you're detained, your minor children could be placed into the foster care system, especially if you haven't implemented a plan for them. If you're at risk for detainment and deportation, here are four steps you need to take to protect your children. Read More 

Going Through A Divorce? 2 Tips To Help You Get Through This Difficult Time

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially if you have children. Fortunately, there are many tips you can learn to help you get through the divorce to make things a little easier for you. Below are two of these tips so you can get started on rebuilding your life. Hire a Divorce Lawyer You may think you can go through your divorce on your own to save money. Read More 

Why Personal Injury Mediation Doesn’t Always Succeed

Mediation is often touted as one of the best ways of negotiating personal injury settlements without filing a lawsuit. However, there are cases where mediation fails and you have no option but to file a lawsuit. Here are some of the reasons mediation may not always be successful: Impatience Most mediators will tell you that you won't solve everything in the very first meeting. In most cases, it takes a few negotiation sessions for the conflicting sides to reach an agreement. Read More