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Why Personal Injury Mediation Doesn’t Always Succeed

Mediation is often touted as one of the best ways of negotiating personal injury settlements without filing a lawsuit. However, there are cases where mediation fails and you have no option but to file a lawsuit. Here are some of the reasons mediation may not always be successful: Impatience Most mediators will tell you that you won't solve everything in the very first meeting. In most cases, it takes a few negotiation sessions for the conflicting sides to reach an agreement. Read More 

What To Know If You To Hire A Citizen Of Another Country For Your Business

When you run a business, you want to hire employees that are the best and the brightest. And sometimes, the best candidate for the job is a person that is from another country rather than here in the United States. If you have found a job candidate that is a perfect fit for your company and has a specialized skill set or talent, but they are citizens of another nation, you may find yourself wondering what you can or should do to ensure that you are able to hire the person best suited for the job. Read More 

Retailer Blames You For Your Slip And Fall Accident? Contact A Lawyer

If you experience a slip and fall accident at a local retail store that causes multiple bodily injuries, but the store's owners blame you for the accident, contact a lawyer for help. In recent news, some retailers blame their customers for their own slip and fall accidents. The retailers argue that if customers pay better attention to their surroundings, the customers wouldn't get hurt. Fighting unfair retailer claims alone isn't easy. Read More 

A New Way to Approach Divorce

For many divorcing couples, ending their marriage in a way that will be beneficial to both sides can seem like an impossible task. For divorcing couples with children, the process often becomes even more complicated when the topic of custody arises. Luckily, collaborative divorce offers a new way for former spouses to think about divorce. Work Together with Collaborative Divorce When most people think about divorce they conjure images of angry and hurt people taking their case to court because they can't come to an agreement. Read More 

2 Reasons Why It Is Vital For Motorcycle Riders To Hire A Lawyer

It is extremely important to hire a vehicle accident lawyer whenever you are involved in an accident, but it is even more important if you are a motorcycle rider. Two reasons why you must hire an accident attorney if you are a motorcycle rider are to avoid being blamed for the accident and ensure that you get the money you need. Avoid Being Blamed It is very common for people involved in a vehicle accident to try to shift blame away from themselves. Read More