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Retailer Blames You For Your Slip And Fall Accident? Contact A Lawyer

If you experience a slip and fall accident at a local retail store that causes multiple bodily injuries, but the store's owners blame you for the accident, contact a lawyer for help. In recent news, some retailers blame their customers for their own slip and fall accidents. The retailers argue that if customers pay better attention to their surroundings, the customers wouldn't get hurt. Fighting unfair retailer claims alone isn't easy. However, a slip and fall attorney can help you do so by proving that the retailers' negligent or irresponsible actions caused your accident.

What Can an Attorney Do to Establish Your Case?

Although many retailers practice good cleaning habits by keeping their floors dry, aisles free of dangerous obstacles and bathrooms in good shape, some retailers may not have good janitorial habits. If you received your injuries because of the store owners' negligent cleaning habits, you may have a good case against them.

One of the things an attorney may do is examine the cleaning habits of the store's owners to see if they use janitorial services to keep their establishment safe and secure. An attorney may also examine the store's daily or weekly schedules to see if the owners assign maintenance check duties to employees in between janitorial services. A number of retailers keep wet floor signs, mops and buckets on the premises for employees to use during their maintenance checks. 

If the retailers doesn't use any of the above things to keep the store secure, an attorney may develop a case for negligence and present it to the retailers' insurance company for review. If the insurance company denies the case, a lawyer may move forward and file a personal injury case in court.

What Happens in Court?

A personal injury court may examine the evidence against the retail store and make a decision right away, or the court may request additional evidence such as witnesses who have similar or the same problems as you do. In some cases of slip and fall accidents, the at-fault party may have a history of negligence. Your attorney might be able to find previous cases against the retailers that were settled out of court. An attorney may need to pull records of any civil cases against the retailer to find the additional evidence needed by the court.

The court may also request records of the retailers' maintenance contacts to see if they make regular visits to the store. The request may be in writing, such as subpoenas and official records. The request may also include video interviews and written affidavits. If the retailers' insurance company sees that it can't win a case against you, it may go ahead and settle your slip and fall case. However, this is something you must discuss in person with your attorney. 

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