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What’s The Best Collateral To Use To Secure A Bail Bond?

Most times, people can get bail bonds using only their signature. Occasionally, though, bonds agents will require customers use collateral to secure the bonds, but not all collateral is up to the job. Here are two things to consider when deciding what you should use to guarantee a bail bond. It's Something Easily Appraised Bail bond companies require any type of collateral you submit to be equal to or over the amount of the bond. Read More 

House Arrest Is an Option For DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious charge, and as a result, those who are convicted of this crime can face serious consequences, including jail time. However, jail is not the only sentence for this conviction. In some instances, house arrest is also a method of justice that a judge can apply.  It's a Serious Matter It is important to understand that receiving a sentence of house arrest after a DUI conviction is somewhat of a luxury, in relation to a jail sentence. Read More 

You Cannot Afford Not To Have An Attorney For An Accident Claim

A car accident can be expensive. Not only does the victim have vehicle damages to repair, but they may have injuries that keep them from working. All in all, everything can add up. Naturally, with the cost piling up, it can be easy to assume that affording an attorney for a personal injury claim is out of the question. However, this train of thought is flawed. Upfront Costs Did you know that certain medical treatments can come with upfront costs, even if they are part of an accident recovery? Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney Instead Of Going Through Divorce Mediation

If you are preparing to go through a divorce, you might be thinking about the pros and cons of divorce mediation. After all, you might know of other people who have gotten divorced and who have had good experiences with divorce mediation, and you might assume that it will be the more affordable way to get divorced, too. However, you will probably want to hire a divorce attorney instead of going through divorce mediation for these reasons and more. Read More 

4 Things To Do Immediately If You’re Worried About Foreclosure

When you're having trouble making your mortgage payments, you may be understandably worried about the threat of foreclosure. Sadly, about one in every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon; unexpected job losses, medical bills, and other hardship can leave families unable to afford their monthly mortgage payments. Whether you're late on a single payment or have already received foreclosure notices from your lender, there are some things you should look into now to potentially save your home. Read More