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Diluted Urine In A Drug Or Alcohol Test? Your Probation Could Be At Risk

What's a diluted urine sample and why does it matter? If you're on probation that requires you to submit to mandatory drug or alcohol urine tests, a diluted sample can spell big trouble and put you in violation of your parole. Here's what you need to know about diluted urine samples and probation violations. How does a lab determine if urine is diluted? When your urine is tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol, the concentration of the urine is tested. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney When Dealing With A Slip And Fall Case

A slip and fall case will usually occur as a result of someone falling on another person's property. While the majority of these cases tend to occur as a result of a fall on a business' grounds, they can also include slipping and falling on a person's residential property. Below are two reasons to hire a personal injury attorney to help you out with a slip and fall case. Dispute Accusations Of Carelessness Read More 

Three Signs That Your Senior Loved One Is Being Targeted By A Scammer

Today's senior citizens are enjoying long, productive retirements thanks to advances in health care technology and increased information about how diet and exercise impacts overall health. Significant numbers of seniors are also choosing to age in place, and many of them hire caregivers, housekeepers, or drivers to help them out with the daily tasks of everyday life so that they can relax and enjoy their retirement. Most of these people provide excellent services and are dedicated and trustworthy. Read More 

What Are Your Legal Rights If You Are Attacked At Work?

Unexpected and crazy things can happen at work, and sometimes you're left wondering what you can do. If you are attacked at work, what are your legal rights? What should you know now to ensure your employer handles the incident correctly? If you are badly injured, can you file for workers compensation since you were hurt on the job? Your Employer's Duty It is common knowledge that employers have a duty to create a safe working environment for their employees. Read More 

Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering For A Minor Accident?

Many motorists think that they cannot sue for pain and suffering if they have only had a minor accident. However, even small accidents can cause emotional distress or injuries, and you deserve to be compensated. You can seek damages for pain and suffering either through civil court or through the car insurance system. Some Symptoms Might Be Delayed After the accident, keep in mind that all of your symptoms of the accident may not arise until after a day or two. Read More