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Premises Liability: Amusement Park

Have you been injured in a ride at an amusement park? Was your injury suffered as the result of the staff’s negligence? If this is the case, you may be entitled to compensation. This article will highlight the responsibilities of each party and help you figure out whether or not you have a viable personal […]

Estate Planning 101: Avoiding Probate

Drawing up a will may seem like enough to save your family from the stress and heartache of probate proceedings. Unfortunately, a few poor choices during the planning stage can undermine your final wishes. Knowing the most common issues can help you avoid these problems. Skip the Equal Rule When it comes to personal assets, […]

Depressed? Unable To Cope? Disability Benefits Could Give You The Help You Need

If you suffer from depression, you may qualify for disability benefits. While many people with depression tell themselves their problems aren’t serious or that others deserve benefits more, the truth is that the government extends benefits to anyone who has an illness that makes them unable to take care of themselves. If you’re struggling to […]

4 Ways It’s Possible To Defend Against A Charge Of Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

If you’re In a vehicle accident, you’re legally required to stop and exchange information with other people who were involved. You’re also obligated to contact authorities and offer assistance to anyone who may be hurt. This is true even if the accident wasn’t your fault. Leaving the scene of an accident can be a very […]

How To Keep Your Heirs From Fighting Over Heirlooms

To many people, the family heirlooms–along with the history they represent–are more important than the money that they’re leaving their heirs. Fights over family heirlooms from a parent’s estate can destroy family bonds. It can also result in a judge ordering the items in question sold, and the money simply divided between your heirs as […]

Social Security Snafus: 3 Common And Frightening Social Security Insurance Issues

Have your social security payments ceased? This can happen very abruptly and leave you in a lurch, but there are usually a few common reasons behind it. Often, it has to do with either missing or not noticing specific correspondence from the social security department. One note: do keep in mind that social security insurance […]