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Top Reasons Why Truck Drivers Should Always Hire A Big Rig Attorney

If you have driven a truck for any amount of time, you already know the risk of being involved in an accident at some point and have probably had some close calls when on the road. Since truck drivers must follow strict guidelines, being involved in even a simple fender bender can become complicated. Shopping for a big rig attorney before you ever need one will give you peace of mind on your travels knowing you have a professional on call should you need one. 

Experience matters

Nothing can match experience when it comes to the complicated matter of an accident involving an 18-wheeler. Not only will you have to deal with your company's insurance company if you are not an owner-operative, but you will also have to deal with the insurance companies of the other parties involved. Negotiating between multiple parties requires a vast knowledge of state laws and the litigation process, which an experienced attorney will be familiar with. 

Evaluate all the evidence

It is not uncommon for a big rig driver not to recall what happened at the accident scene if they sustained severe injuries in the crash. Accidents happen without warning, and you may not even recall if the accident was your fault or not. Your attorney will gather evidence and have the scene of the accident investigated thoroughly to uncover the true cause of the accident while you focus on recovering. 

Know your rights

It is easy to get taken advantage of when you are shaken up from being involved in an accident and you begin to receive phone calls or mail correspondence about being sued or, worse yet, jailed for your involvement in an accident. Insurance companies can be aggressive and intimidating. When you hire an attorney, you can defer those frightening calls and letters to their office instead of putting up with the harassment yourself.

Timing is important

The best time to get a big rig attorney is before you need one. Getting to know an attorney before you have an accident is a good idea. It can save you time should an accident occur in the future.

No matter how minor an accident, you should always contact an attorney if you are a big rig driver involved in an accident. Cases involving big rigs can turn complicated fast and the rules and regulations regarding accidents can be difficult to navigate without professional guidance. Having an experienced attorney by your side will ease the stress of preparing for a court hearing or when dealing with various insurance companies.

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