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What An Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Do For You

Do you have creative work and ideas that you are looking to protect, but you are not sure how to do it? If so, you may want to work with an intellectual property lawyer to help you out. They are able to provide the following services that you may not be aware of. 

Patent And Trademark Searching

Sometimes, your idea is not as original as you thought it was. That's why an intellectual property lawyer will perform a patent and trademark search to see if that idea already exists. If they are able to find a similar patent or trademark that has already been registered, you will then save yourself the time of filing the paperwork for your own idea and having it denied later on. This is always the first step when something is to be patented or trademarked, because it can save you a lot of time and money

File Patent And Trademark Applications

Once you know an idea doesn't already exist, the next step is to actually file the application to protect your idea. An intellectual property lawyer can help with that application process, as they know the level of detail that needs to be done to have an application accepted. If you've found the application process to be overwhelming and confusing, an intellectual property lawyer can help you through it.

Contract Drafting

It is likely that you are filing your patent and trademark application because you plan to make money off of that idea in the future. One thing that an intellectual property lawyer can help with is contract drafting. For example, if you were to agree to a licensing deal with another company, your lawyer can draft that agreement to make sure it is legally binding and that your intellectual property is protected. Without a proper contract in place, the other party may find loopholes that allow them to use your trademark and patent in unintended ways. 

Rights Enforcement

If the time comes when you do discover that someone is using your idea in unintended ways, then an intellectual property lawyer can help with enforcing your rights in the matter. This includes filing lawsuits to seek out damages, start injunctions, or even negotiate settlement offers on matters outside of the courtroom. 

Intellectual Property Advisement

You'll also be able to seek advice about how to best handle your intellectual property. You may not realize that you need to take additional steps, such as filing international trademarks and patents to further protect your idea. If you've never gone through having a trademark or patent before, the advice you receive can be incredibly valuable. 

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