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Using A Bail Bonding Service

When a person has been arrested, they may need to post bail to be able to leave the jail. While bail can be an important part of the criminal justice system, individuals are not always informed about what using bail bonding services will involve.

A Bail Bond May Require Both Collateral And A Non-Refundable Fee

An important factor to know about bail bonding services is that they will typically require individuals to provide collateral and pay a non-refundable fee. If you have the option of being able to choose from multiple bail bonding services, it may be useful to opt for the provider that charges the lowest fees for issuing the bond as this will not be returned to you at the end of the trial proceedings.

The Collateral Requirements For The Bail Bond Will Depend On The Amount Of Bail Required

Providing collateral for the bail bond is one of the aspects of this process that individuals may feel the most nervous about. This can be an understandable concern for people to have, but it is important to realize that the total amount of collateral that is required will depend on the bail amount that the court is demanding and the requirements of the particular bonding agent. As a result of this, individuals that are facing more minor charges will often find that the collateral that they need for their bail will be significantly less than what those that are facing more serious charges will have to provide.

Failing To Comply With Bail Terms Can Have Major Impacts For A Defendant

The vast majority of people will have no intention of breaking their bail terms. However, there are some individuals that may violate these terms either on purpose or accidentally. If this occurs, it will have the potential to create major problems for the defendant. For example, this could result in the collateral that was used for the bail bond being revoked. Additionally, individuals that have accepted these bonds will need to comply with any stipulations that the bail bondsman has issued. Luckily, these requirements are often fairly minor, such as routinely calling the bondsman to check in and agreeing not to leave a geographic area. Understanding the full scope of these requirements can be important if you are to avoid accidentally violating the terms of the bail bond as this could result in the loss of the collateral or even additional fines or fees being levied.

To learn more about bonds, contact a bail bonds agent in your area.