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Questions For Car Accident Witnesses

Eyewitness testimony is one of the best pieces of evidence for your auto accident case. Auto accident lawyers use different tactics to get the best statements from eyewitnesses. For example, your lawyer may ask witnesses different questions during their interview. Below are some questions that lawyers use in such cases.

Where You When the Accident Happened?

You need to know where the witness was to determine how close they were to the accident. The closer the witness was to the accident scene, the more likely they witnessed most details. The witness' location at the accident time also determines whether they had a clear view of the accident.

For example, a pedestrian standing thirty feet from the road can have a clearer view of a crash than another pedestrian a hundred feet away. Similarly, a bystander whose view of the road was obstructed by a fence might not have as good a view of the road as a bystander without any obstruction. 

What Were You Doing at the Time of the Accident?

The witness's actions during the accident determine how much of the accident they saw. Consider two potential witnesses, one of whom is busy attending to their baby when two cars collide nearby. The witness might not have seen the start or actual accident but its aftermath.

Contrast the first witness with another that was leisurely strolling and admiring cars on the road. The second witness is likely to have a better view of the accident, from its beginning to end, than the first witness.

What Was the Weather Like at the Time of the Accident?

Weather can influence an accident's occurrence and witnesses' view of the accident. For example, roads become slippery after a snowfall, and the slipperiness increases the risk of losing control of a car. Similarly, snowfall or fog reduces visibility and the level of accident details potential witnesses can notice.

Do You Know Anyone That Was Involved in the Accident?

The best witness is the one who has nothing to gain or lose regardless of an accident's case outcome. Such a witness will likely tell the truth since they don't intend to steer the case in either direction.

A witness who knows someone involved in an accident has the potential to be biased. For example, a witness who knows an accident victim might lie to benefit the victim, especially if they have a positive relationship with the victim.

As you can see, an auto accident lawyer plays a significant role in the claim process. The lawyer may help you track witnesses and get the best testimony possible from them.

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