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Why Commercial Truck Drivers Usually Shouldn't Perform U-Turns

Commercial truck drivers have a much more difficult time carrying out U-turns due to the larger size of the vehicle. As a result, truck drivers are not allowed to carry out uncontrolled U-turns, and doing so will lead to the driver being liable for any accidents that happen as a result. 

How a Controlled U-Turn Works

The proper way to carry out a controlled U-turn is to have a spotter who guides the driver through the process. The spotter makes sure that the U-turn can be carried out safely and should be trained to fulfill this rule. Outside of these conditions, which is the case in most situations, a truck driver should not execute a controlled U-turn.

The Danger of an Uncontrolled U-Turn

Carrying out an uncontrolled U-turn simply takes too long. Even if the road is clear when the U-turn begins, it may no longer be clear as the driver continues to execute the U-turn. Even the largest roads usually do not have enough space for a driver to be able to execute a U-turn. 

Even if the driver is able to successfully carry out a U-turn, it will take a long time for the truck to pick up speed. Therefore, the truck will continue to be a hazard.

Conditions That Make a U-Turn Even More Dangerous

Commercial truck drivers should never carry out U-turns at night or during adverse weather conditions because of reduced visibility. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you will want to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer who may be able to make a case for why you are entitled to punitive damages.

Why Punitive Damages?

When a truck driver engages in an egregiously dangerous action, such as carrying out a U-turn at night, the courts might wish to make an example of the driver. However, you will want to talk to your truck accident lawyer about whether this is the best route to take.

After the Accident

After you have been injured in an accident involving a truck driver performing a U-turn, you will need to gather the evidence necessary to prove that the other driver was at fault and that you suffered damages. A truck accident attorney can assist you in this by visiting the scene of the accident and making sure that evidence is preserved.

For example, your attorney will try to have the commercial truck's black box preserved. Then, the attorney will negotiate a settlement on your behalf.