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House Arrest Is an Option For DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious charge, and as a result, those who are convicted of this crime can face serious consequences, including jail time. However, jail is not the only sentence for this conviction. In some instances, house arrest is also a method of justice that a judge can apply. 

It's a Serious Matter

It is important to understand that receiving a sentence of house arrest after a DUI conviction is somewhat of a luxury, in relation to a jail sentence. You must take this process as such and always remember that it is a serious matter. Upon the sentence, you will be provided a list of conditions to which you must adhere, such as a curfew, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not violate any of these requirements.

It Depends on Your Criminal History 

Just because a defendant requests house arrest, it does not mean they will be successful in their endeavors. Whether or not this type of sentence will be issued for this type of crime is at the sole discretion of the judge. As part of the judge's review process, they will generally review the criminal history of the defendant. While several factors can influence their decision, in some instances, a person with a lengthy criminal record is less likely to be awarded this sentence than someone with a clearer record.

Possible Revocation 

Again, house arrest is a more favorable sentence than a jail sentence, but it can quickly be reversed. As previously mentioned, the court will hand down a set of guidelines that you are expected to adhere to. In the event you do not follow these rules, the judge can revoke your house arrest. When this process happens, you can immediately be sent to jail to finish out the remainder of your sentence, and in some instances, you can have additional time added to the sentence if it is discovered that you have committed additional violations.

Get a Lawyer's Input

It cannot be stressed enough that house arrest can be viewed as a less harsh sentence than jail. In addition to a request and a satisfactory criminal history, someone with a knowledge of the law is often needed to receive this type of sentence. Someone like a lawyer. From reviewing your history to arguing on your behalf, a lawyer will fight for the most successful outcome in your case.

If you have been charged with DUI, make it a point to speak with an DUI lawyer.