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Personal Injuries In Vacation Rentals – Are You Covered?

A lot of families have turned to renting entire homes when they go on vacation. In recent years, the vacation rental industry has boomed – lots of people who own vacation homes don't have the time to use them as much as they used to, so they are leasing their homes out for other families to vacation in. If you've recently taken advantage of one of these rentals and someone was hurt during the stay, can you hold the owner responsible? Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help you find some answers that you need.

Cause of Injury

Before you do anything, you need to stop and think about what caused the injury – honestly. If the injury was sustained due to something on the property, and not just personal goofing off, then, the homeowner could be held liable for the injuries.

The thing is, you are going to have to prove that the owner knew that the element that caused the injury was a problem – you have to prove that they knew that there was something unsafe in the home and they did nothing to repair it or to warn you of the dangers.

For example, if a railing on a second story staircase is weak, there should be a sign letting you know to use caution – of course, it should be fixed, but if the sign is there, the owner could have legal grounds to have the case against him dismissed.

Lease Protections

Did you read the lease before you signed it? In some cases (not always seen when you rent through a rental website), the lease could include a clause that clears the owner from all financial and legal responsibilities if anyone should get injured. If the lease contained this clause, the lawyer will have to fight it out in court – this clause doesn't protect the owner from outright neglect.

How a Lawyer Can Help

You will have a very difficult time maneuvering through the legal system without a professional at your side. Hire a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the system.

The lawyer may be able to send a few notices and scare the owner into settling before you even have to file suit – this will get you the money you need for medical bills now, rather than 5 or more years from now when the suit goes to court.

Injuries do happen, but they shouldn't happen due to someone's neglect. Hopefully, this information will help you determine how to proceed.