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Knowing When To Call A Law Firm If Your Spouse Steals From You

Getting married to somebody is a major deal and is a situation that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, some spouses may not take that marriage seriously, and they might try to steal from you. When this happens, you may need to call a law firm to sort out the confusion. Read on to learn if legal help is necessary for you.

Legal Help May Not Be Necessary

When your spouse steals from you, it can be a shocking experience. Marriages are built on trust, and to have them steal from you can destroy it. However, it is possible to walk through this situation and find a solution. For example, you can figure out why they took from you, figure out if they still have it, ask for it back, or get financial compensation if they don't return it.

Unfortunately, there is also the chance that they won't cooperate at all with you and may try to keep what they stole. This situation can be very frustrating because your loved one is not respecting your belonging. As a result, you may need to reach out to a law firm to get help. However, this situation can be more complex than you'd think.

Your Marriage May Complicate Your Legal Rights

If your spouse is giving you trouble about this issue or continues stealing from you, you are in a tough legal situation. Many courts will state that your marriage means that your financial situations are entwined. Simply put, some may argue that your spouse cannot steal from you, because they are taking common goods.

There are obvious exceptions to this rule. If your spouse takes an item that belongs to you and is leased to you (such as a vehicle), then they are committing theft. However, the legal gray area of this situation makes it necessary to contact a law firm if you need to take legal action.

When It Is Time to Call a Law Firm

If you find no other recourse but to sue your spouse, you are going to have to take a few steps with your law firm. Typically, this requires divorcing the person and then pursuing a lawsuit. You should opt for this process if your spouse does the following:

  • Refuses to return the stolen item
  • Continues to take items from you
  • Expands their theft to new areas, such as shopping malls
  • Starts getting into real legal trouble

At this point, it might be time to reach out to a law firm to address your financial loss. This situation is never going to be easy and will take a lot out of you. However, it may help you restore your finances and get back on your feet.

The type of law firm that you hire will vary depending on the nature of the theft. A divorce attorney is probably a good first step, though it is also smart to talk to a generalized law firm that can provide multiple types of advice for what is a very complex situation.