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Were You Set Up By Your Employer And Fired? Hire A Lawyer

If you started getting in trouble at work and written up for things that you didn't do, or that you weren't sure even were against the rules, and now you are fired, you need to hire a lawyer. If your employer or the management were plotting against you because they wanted to get rid of you, you want to get a lawyer so that you can be compensated for the wages that you may have lost because of what happened. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the lawyer about.

Violations or Problems

What are the reasons why you were written up, or had a documented violation at work? If these were things that the employer went out of their way to find you doing, or that they normally wouldn't be concerned about, your lawyer may want to make the case that the employer was targeting you or setting you up. You want to have copies of the reports if you have them for your lawyer.

Discrimination Possibilities

If you were of a certain age, or gender, and you think that this had something to do with the reason that you were fired, your lawyer may be able to use this to put together a case. They may be able to show that you were fired because of false reasons, and because you were being stereotyped or judged because of age or gender, and these things are against the law.

Violation of Employer Contract

Was the employer in breach of a contract obligation before you were fired, and this is why they tried to go after you first? You want to take the employee contract that you first signed with the company to the lawyer, so they can go over all the details and the information. You want to find details that they did not live up to in the contract, to have a counter case against them.

If you were fired and you feel like you were set up for some time, and that the employer was doing everything that they could to get rid of you so they didn't have to pay or a bonus, you want to get the help of a legal professional right away. You want to put together a case to go after your employer, so that you can get the money that is owed to you, and more for your troubles. Contact a firm, like Dawson & Associates, LLC , for more help.