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Make Sure You Have Access To A Court Reporter At Depositions

If you are just starting out in your own law firm, you may not yet have all the staff that you need. One of the people you may find that you need on a regular basis is a court reporter or someone who can record depositions for you. There are a lot of reasons that you need to have someone record those depositions for you. One is that you are going to want to have an accurate record of what is going on. Another is that you may have to give any information you find over to the other side, so you are going to need to have an accurate record of what is happening. If you don't have someone on your payroll who can do this, you have options as to how to get what you need. 

Court Appointed Stenographer

One option you have is to have a court reporter or stenographer who has been appointed by the judge to record any depositions that you may need to take. If this happens, then it will probably go into the official record of the court and your opponent may be able to be there and ask any questions that they may have. This option is more likely to happen if the case is a criminal case versus a civil matter. It's also more likely to be seen if the person you are interviewing is unable to come to you or to court such as if they are in a hospital or other treatment center. 

Temporary Reporters

Another option that's open to you is hiring a court reporter or stenographer through a temporary agency. The person you decide to hire will have all the requirements that you are going to need in a court reporter. That includes being able to keep confidential information confidential and being able to use various recording methods, including typing everything into a computer as it's being said at the time or from an audio recording that is made of the deposition and making it accurate. You want to have an extremely accurate record. That record can include things like any gestures that the witness may make as well as everything they say. 

If you are a lawyer just starting out on your own, you know that you need a way to keep an accurate record of what happens at any deposition. There are various ways that you can do that. To learn more about court reporting services, contact a company like Farrell Court Reporting