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Refuting A Few Common Myths For Those Facing A DUI Charge

When faced with a criminal charge, it is imperative to be as informed as possible. Unfortunately, the law can be extremely complicated, which can make it difficult for individuals to understand what to expect when defending themselves. In particular, DUIs are a fairly common criminal charge that can carry stiff penalties, but if you are informed about the realities behind the following myths, you will be better able to protect yourself from the consequences of this conviction.  

Myth: You Must Be Driving A Car To Be Charged With A DUI

There is a common belief among some people that you can only be charged with a DUI if you are caught driving a car. Unfortunately, this is not the case as you can be charged with this offense in a number of situations. For example, if you are intoxicated and sitting in your car with the keys in the ignition, it is possible to be arrested for this offense.

Myth: You Will Only Need To Pay A Fine For Your First DUI

It is also common for individuals to assume that their first DUI will only result in a fine being imposed. While a large fine will likely be imposed on you, there are other outcomes that are also likely to follow your first DUI. For example, you will likely have your license suspended for a period of time. Also, you may be ordered by the court to attend substance abuse counseling for a number of weeks, and jail time may also be imposed depending on if there are any compounding factors in your case, such as causing an accident. As a result of these harsh penalties, you should make sure to seek experienced legal counsel whenever you find yourself facing a DUI charge.

Myth: You Will Not Be Able To Find Insurance After A DUI Conviction

Following a DUI conviction, you can expect your auto insurance premiums to increase dramatically, but you should still be able to find coverage. However, you should be aware that the courts may impose an SR 22 requirement. With this type of requirement, you will need to have your insurance submit proof of you holding an activate policy to the courts. A common stipulation for SR 22 insurance is for the entire policy to be paid upfront as a way to ensure that you have coverage. If this policy is allowed to lapse before the court ordered period ends, the insurance will notify the courts, which may result in your license being suspended until a new SR 22 document is filed with the court.

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