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Bail Bonds From Your Travel Association?: Three Reasons Why This Makes Total Sense

If you go on vacation and suddenly find yourself arrested, chances are that you are a long way from home and do not know what to do next. Hopefully, whatever you have been arrested for does not require a substantial amount of bail. If you are also part of a travel association, you may have built-in bail bonds to help you out of a tight spot. While this seems to be a very weird source of bail money, there are some very good reasons why it makes perfect sense for travel associations to offer this service.  

Traffic Offenses That Result in Jail Leave Travelers Stuck  Without the Help of the Travel Association

Traveling in an unfamiliar state means that you could end up in jail for a traffic violation that does not exist in your home state. Usually, these violations have low bail requirements, but even the low bail amounts may be too high for you to pay. Then you might be stuck in jail until you can find a bail bondsperson to help get you out. Since you do not know any bondsperson within this state, you may feel very wary and uncomfortable about finding someone or having the police and the courts assign someone to you. With the travel association's membership, all of these issues are resolved with a single phone call because the travel association has registered bondspersons in every state that accept your membership card and the association's backing as payment for your bail.

You May Need a Legal Backup Plan When You Get Into an Accident out-of-State

When you are traveling by car and you are a member of a travel association that offers legal assistance, it makes sense to have this legal backup plan in case of an accident. Accidents that cause harm or even a fatality means that your vacation is put on hold. If that vacation was plotted and planned by the travel agency attached to the travel association, then the whole company could lose money because you could ask for a refund on the travel plans you were unable to complete. By offering bail bonds and/or reimbursement for legal fees, the travel association can help you get out of a sticky situation and get you back on the road to your destination.  

The Travel Association Wants to Make Difficult Situations Better

When you are traveling in an automobile or an RV and you accidentally hit someone, it costs you time and money. The time is spent in an out-of-state court that you might have to travel back to for hearings, and the money is diverted toward your legal defence and any tickets for vehicular violations incurred as a result of the accident. Many travel agencies as a courtesy to their members want to prevent these expenses from becoming a burden, and that is why they offer these unusual extras.

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